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Starting Training

Your puppy has arrived, very exciting but you need him to learn a few basics to help him fit into the family for life. Keep your sessions very short and choose a moment when the house is quiet. Never get cross if you feel it is not working stop and wait for a better moment.

A good first lesson is a


This is a fun way of starting to teach recall

Sit on the floor in the middle of the room with some space all round you. Have a few small treats or three toy’s. Have the puppy on your lap and show him the treat (or toy) throw it a short distance to your right so he goes after it. This may take a bit of practise. Then catch his attention and throw a treat to your left, he has to come to you to go after the second treat. Repeat three or four times no more. Finish with a few treats dropped on the floor in front of you so his last thing is to return to you.

This will be a useful play time at the end of his further training sessions.


When you have established the foodie chase, probably after a week but can take longer, move on to sit.

Again, use small treats as a lure.  Do not say anything to start with.  Have a treat in your hand show it to him and slowly raise your hand above his head as his head comes up his bottom will go down, when it does give him his reward. Again only repeat two or three times to begin with. When he has learnt to sit as you raise your hand you can say sit as he goes down, but only say it once on each occasion. Finish with a foodie chase.


Start in the house have him on a collar and lead and add a long line which you attach to his collar and to your waist.  At no time should there be tension on the lead if he gets agitated drop the lead. 

Have a treat in your hand and hold it just above his head keeping his attention take a couple of step,s he should stay by your leg following the treat. Practise this a few steps a day until you can walk round the house. Then you start again in the garden it may take a few weeks to establish but be patient it will be worth it. Finally find a quiet place away from home to start little walks if he gets too onward bound change direction to distract him.

Enjoy your newest member of the family