Our team here at Difford Kennels and Cattery are truly dedicated individuals and love looking after dogs and cats.

All of our staff have been with us for a considerable length of time meaning you, and more importantly your pet will know them very well, it's like having a family friend looking after you!

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 The Moon family opened the kennels at Difford Cottage on the 1st of April 1980, Pippa is still not entirely sure if this was a good move being April Fools Day!
Charlotte Cory Kelly

Kelly has grown up with animals and always loved dogs and cats. She wanted to work with animals after leaving school and completed a two year course at Sparsholt college to achieve a national diploma in animal management, with a distinction. While at Sparsholt Kelly did work experience at Difford Kennels and then started full-time after finishing the course in 2004. Kelly has since earned the position of manager and is a qualified first aider.

Our assistant manager has worked with cats and dogs for over seven years. He says that during this time he has experienced dogs of all sizes and temperaments. "Dogs are literally my life!"
Cory is has a level 3 diploma in work based animal care and management, he is the assistant manager here at Difford Kennels. "I've been working with animals since 2009 and I still can't believe that I get to spend every day surrounded by cats and dogs!"

April is a  bit of a dark horse but we hope to be able to tell you something about her soon.

Jamie Jamie
Growing up in a house full of animals it felt only natural to look after them as a career. I started doing pet photography in London soon followed by work experience at my local vet. After that I started working full time as a dog walker amd cat sitter. On moving away from London I knew I wanted to continue working with animals and was lucky to find Difford Kennels, here I continue to learn about dogs and cats and am planning to do a course in pet first aid.
bettina Bettina studied animal care at Sparsholt college. "I have 14 years experience with dogs and cats. I'm a qualified pet first-aider and I've always wanted to work with animals since I was little.
kate Another Difford mystery - we are seeking information and will let you know soon

We think pets know when they are being looked after by caring individuals, which is why so many are actually pleased to return to us here at Difford Kennels and Cattery!