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Our two young Staffies have just spent the weekend at Diffords and really loved it! They were calm and hapy when they came home and had obviously had a good time. Thanks to Pippa and her staff for setting my mind at rest during their stay - I had to call to make sure they were OK! Next time I will be much more relaxed. Definitely recommend Diffords.
Date of Posting: 06 April 2014
Posted By: Gilly
Early in July this year
my wife and I, together with our dog, were holidaying in Devon and unfortunately had to attend a family funeral in Hampshire and travel back the same evening.

We only wanted to leave the dog for the afternoon (1pm to about 6.30pm) and although Difford normally closes at 5pm , Pippa said she would gladly have him for the afternoon and be available for me to pick him up whenever I could after 6pm. When I picked him up, (despite being a rescue dog and hating being away from us), he was happy and contented.

The willingness to extend opening hours for our convenience and the mood/condition of 'his lordship' when I picked him up speak of a high level of care, both for the animal and the customer.

Thank you Pippa - wonderful!
Date of Posting: 06 April 2010
Posted By: Anon

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