Day care, a happy place for your pet while you are out for the day. Any length of stay from one night to many months. We tailor their day to suit their needs. Puppies can stay once they are fully vaccinated. Bitches in season are welcome. We can accommodate special diets. We are happy to administer medication. We also have a grooming parlour where your dog can enjoy a pampering session, we trim all breeds.


As a boarding kennels and cattery we aim to give the pets in our care a happy, fun holiday in a safe comfortable environment. My amazing staff are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ stay. Last year we built three new play pens so the dogs can have some jolly play times off lead. We also have a few small jumps and tunnels for the more adventurous to explore.


We all need a little care and attention every now and then. Here at Difford Kennels and Cattery we have been providing relaxing dog grooming services in our purpose built salon for over 40 years. With our experience we can attend to every possible grooming need your pet dog might have.

House Training

Tips & Advice: Young puppies will struggle to last the night so be very quick to run down and take him out as soon as you are awake. He will be excited to see you so give him time to have a second wee before you go back in.


Tips & Advice: How big is your house? Just like your home, dogs come in all sizes. Generally, the bigger the dog the more space he’ll need. Consider how much space you have both inside your home and outside. If you don’t have a garden or …


Tips & Advice: Our pets are often mischievous and get into things that they shouldn’t. Most of the time with little more consequence than perhaps being told off. However, should your pet ingest any of the below, the consequences may be much more dire…